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We wish to collaborate with businesses, universities and colleges, NAV, health services and others, to develop and ensure the opportunities within our clubhouse. We are continuously looking for cooperation partners.

For bedrifter

For companies and businesses

Companies can contribute by becoming a cooperation partner for transitional work (OA). OA provides members work experience/work related training, and the clubhouse guarantees a substitute on days members are absent. OA could be nearly any type of work not requiring formal education or experience. The OA is usually part-time work (20-50%) over a 6–9-month period. The work contract is negotiated between the employer and Fontenehuset. Preferably, the work should be relatively uncomplicated and manageable to learn. Fontenehuset is responsible for the recruitment and training of the employee. We will cooperate closely with and support the employer during the 6–9-month employment period. OA is often a pathway on the journey towards regular employment.

If this sounds interesting, please contact us to learn more!

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For health service providers and work inclusion associations

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about Fontenehuset. We can deliver presentations for both employees and clients. It is also possible to come visit us for information and learning purposes. We are also interested in other types of cooperation.

For helse
For studiesteder

For schools and universities

We accept internship students, and previously we have accepted students of social work and occupational therapy. In addition, we can provide tuition, presentations, information about Fontenehuset and our experience with work related rehabilitation.  Feel free to contact us if you have an enquiry or would like us to visit you.

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