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Bli medlem

How to become a member

1. Come visit us

You may contact us by telephone or e-mail if you want to visit us for a possible membership. At the visit, we will welcome you in the reception, give you relevant information, and you will get a tour through the clubhouse. The tour will last about 1 hour, and by the end you will get the opportunity to register for a second visit.

2. Possible membership

At the second visit, we invite you to join a work meeting. You will be included in the tasks you wish to. We will also have a second-visit talk where you will be registered as a “possible member”. After this you can try out Fontenehuset for some time to find out if you wish to become a regular member.

3. Membership

A membership at Fontenehuset is free and without a time limit. You can use the clubhouse parallelly with work, studies, and other activities, and you can use the clubhouse as your workplace. As a member you will become a part of – and contribute to – a good and safe work environment.

How can a membership help you?

Community, unity and belonging

At Fontenehuset, you can be part of a community that works together towards a common goal. A side-by-side approach to work contributes to building relations and belonging, and you will have someone to call your colleagues. The workday can include good conversations, laughter, friendship, and a place to belong – people are accepted as they are and are free to be themselves.

Thriving and managing life situations

As a member of Fontenehuset, you will get the chance to take on actual responsibility. This creates ownership, motivation, and interest. It makes a foundation to strengthen oneself and establish a daily routine. Common situations of co-operation are good situations to learn or practice positive social interactions.


Having a job makes you feel part of society. At the clubhouse, you are not a patient or a client – you are a member who takes part in the development of our organization. Doing something meaningful during the day, contributes to the feeling of self-value. Small and large tasks are equally important in the running of the clubhouse.

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