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Utsiden av Fontenehuset Trondheim i Dronningens gate 15

About us

Our premises is Dronningens gate 15, 4th and 5th floor. We are open for everyone above 16 years of age. Fontenehuset Trondheim opened in 2019, as the 14th clubhouse to open in Norway.

All work at Fontenehuset is meant to helping members regain self-validation, meaning and self-confidence. During the work-oriented day, members and staff create an environment and culture where the focus is on each person’s skills and abilities. A safe environment for trying and failing is created by meaningful tasks that are formed, carried out and solved in unity.

Om oss

Our workday

At Fontenehuset there are many different and meaningful tasks. Twice a day, we have a meeting where everyone who participate can choose tasks and take on responsibility. Everything happening in the clubhouse is based on volunteering. How much time one spends at the clubhouse, and which tasks one wishes to participate in, is optional. The most important thing is to contribute to our community and workplace. There is no experience needed to participate in the workday. An interest to learn and motivation is enough.

Vår arbeidsdag

Kitchen and maintenance

In the kitchen and maintenance unit, it is possible to join tasks such as planning the weekly menu, shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning, bookkeeping and economy. We also work with maintenance and cleaning of our workspaces, EHS-work, and other practical chores related to maintenance of the clubhouse.

Kjøkkenarbeid på Fontenehuset Trondheim
Kontorarbeid på Fontenehuset Trondheim

Office and administration

In the office and administration unit, you can join tasks such as reception work, answering phone calls and e-mails, bookkeeping, register workhours, or having tours for new possible members. In addition, there are general office tasks like getting mail deliverances and keeping the office area clean and tidy.


Media and communications

In the media and communication section, you can join tasks like marketing, social media, website development and creating our own magazine. Examples of tasks include design and layout, writing texts, proofreading, illustration, photography and more.

Media- og kommunikasjonsarbeid på Fontenehuset Trondheim
Støtte til jobb og studier på Fontenehuset Trondheim

Work and studies

At Fontenehuset you can receive support to begin or rejoin studies or work. We can help creating CV’s and applications, help practicing for interviews, or searching for jobs. We can also help with applying for an appropriate study-program, guidance related to loans, scholarships, and economy, and it is possible to get homework assistance.

Jobb og studier
Ung på huset

Youth group

The young adults group is for everyone between the ages of 16 and 30. Here you can work together with other young people and receive support related to work and studies. There are weekly meetings, where you can participate in the running and development of the youth group. There is also an after-work activity once a month, where people get to know each other through different activities not related to work.

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If you would like to share information about us to others, you can download our information booklet here.

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