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The Clubhouse model

Good lives – not just medical treatment

At a fontenehus/clubhouse, work and relations are both the methodology and the goal. Members get the opportunity to challenge themselves in surroundings that feel safe. We believe that individuals know what is best for themselves. Recovery and getting healthier is not just about medical treatment and therapy. Experiences show that the feeling of belonging, achievement and meaning are equally important factors on the journey towards better mental health, and – for those who feel ready – studies or work.

Nationwide and international cooperation

Fontenehuset Trondheim is one of 22 clubhouses in Norway. The clubhouses work closely together in the areas of professional development, communication, lobbying and marketing. In addition, all Norwegian clubhouses are part of Clubhouse international; an international foundation that, among other things, develops and revises guidelines for clubhouse operation. Clubhouse international is responsible for certification and approval of clubhouses. Norway’s first clubhouse was established in 1995, and the international clubhouse guidelines descend from 1948. Clubhouses are recognized by American Psychological Association (APA) as an efficient model for rehabilitation/recovery. Read more at Clubhouse International’s webpage


Clubhouses are run according to 37 international guidelines that describe the goals and purpose of a clubhouse. The guidelines say, for instance, that a clubhouse membership is voluntary and life-long, and every member has an equal opportunity to participate and carry out tasks. There is a side-by-side approach to work and a focus on reaching goals together. For a clubhouse to become accredited by Clubhouse International, the clubhouse must be evaluated and approved according to the guidelines. Read our standards here

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